Safeguarding Children

Children have a right to be safe and happy in the activities that they, or their parents or carers choose, and parents have a right to believe that the organisations to which they entrust their children, are safe. We at ComputerXplorers are committed to safeguarding the children we work with.

ComputerXplorers works to:

  • Minimise the risks of harm to children in our care
  • Create safe environments where children can enjoy rewarding and stimulating experiences
  • Take appropriate steps to respond to any concerns about children that may arise

Further information is available to here.

Child Protection Policy 2021

Supervision of children:

• All children should be adequately supervised and engaged in suitable activities at all times

• Children must not be left unsupervised at any venue

• Staff should know at all times where children are and what they are doing

• Staff should not allow dangerous behaviour by children.

Staff should:

• Not have unnecessary physical contact with children and young people

• Not meet with children outside organised activities.

• Remember that on rare occasions children or young people may also pose a risk to other children, in which case child protection procedures should be followed

• Never engage in sexually provocative or rough physical games, including horse-play

• Never allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged

• Never make sexually suggestive comments in front of, about, or to, a child, even in fun • Never let allegations made by a child go without being addressed and recorded

• Never deter children from making allegations through fear of not being believed

• Never do things of a personal nature for children that they can do themselves

• Never jump to conclusions about others without checking facts

• Ensure that parents, carers, or others with parental responsibility can identify staff working for the organisation

• Never rely on their own good name or that of ComputerXplorers to protect them. Our procedures will be annually reviewed and updated.

Updated: 23/08/2021 DR

Review: 24/08/2022 DR